Understanding cyber security threats and implementing cyber security solutions

A cyber security threat comes to mean any potential harmful attack that tries to illegally access information, interrupt computer operations, or damage personal information. Cyber threats can also come from a variety of actors, such as corporate spies, cyber criminals, hacktivists, nation-states, rogue cyber security companies, and disgruntled employees. 

At Etopia Technologies Inc unlike traditional IT companies,we will work to prevent and fix vulnerabilities rather than just patch them. Our company will go to great lengths to avoid vulnerability detection and reporting, so that it is often not until a flaw has been exploited that the company finds out about it. Traditional IT companies rely on outside researchers to find the holes in their systems and then work to patch them. Cyber security companies instead analyze the threat environment and take action based on the findings.

In order to make cyber security easy, companies need to provide the necessary training to all employees to protect the systems and information within their networks. While many companies are working to provide training to their employees, many others are not doing so, leaving their networks wide open to attacks. This makes defending your networks an even more challenging task, which is why the importance of cyber security companies cannot be overstated.

-Etopia Technologies Inc

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