The Various Types of Cyber Security

When cyber security issues arise it is important to understand how the different types of cyber security work. Cyber security basically refers to the entire body of systems, practices, and technology designed to prevent attacks, destruction, or access to networks, information, or devices. There are four primary types of cyber security, all of which fall into at least one of several categories. While each type is commonly referred to as cyber security, the reality is that each has a broader meaning that includes more than one type of cyber security technique.

Network security refers to the protection of information or technology from attacks on the network. This can be done in a variety of ways, ranging from running servers that are highly targeted and well protected to simply using firewalls and other methods that can block attackers. Some cyber security techniques can allow attackers to gain access to a network without actually having physical access to the information or device.

Digital data security works to prevent the accidental or intentional theft or leaking of any type of digital data from computer networks. This includes information such as email addresses, instant messaging (IM), files, pictures, music, video, contacts, business details, financial records, software, and system information such as control panels and programs. 

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